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December 30, 2018

Kennedy made sure he could hear the reassuring hum of the zeta-wave dampening Zelenoff Field before stepping into Cell Block X, home to Area Omega’s most dangerous psionic criminals.

‘Cell 001’ announced Kennedy’s guide.  ‘Arthur Thompson, AKA Brainsaw. His psychic blasts can cause fatal cerebral injury from up to 150 yards away.’

The two men continued down the corridor.

‘Cell 002,’ continued the guide. Jenny Blaine, AKA Think-Tank. She generates a psionic force fields that grants her massively increased strength and invulnerability to most conventional weapons.’

Kennedy tried to discretely mop the sweat from his brow to hide his anxiety as the guide moved on to the next cell.

‘Cell 003, Hector Golightly, AKA Psiclone. He can create identical duplicates of himself fashioned from zeta wave energy, and if he makes enough they generate a kind of psychic whirlwind that can reach up to gale force nine.’

Kennedy stopped walking.

‘That’s a pretty odd psychic power,’ he said. The guide shrugged.

‘Hector’s pretty new,’ he said. ‘When all the good names have been taken you’ve Just got to work with whatever’s left.’

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