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Sonic Sword

December 21, 2018

‘Seriously?’ said Agent Cooper.

‘I’m telling you, man,’ replied Agent Hart. ‘It’s the number one threat to our operations in Cuba.’

‘The Sonic Sword? Seriously?’ repeated Cooper, even more incredulously.

‘Totally. And that name was my idea, cool huh? God knows where Castro got the tech from. Probably from the Russians or aliens or some shit. But the threat’s real, man. It starts off as a noise just on the edge of hearing, but it builds and builds and before you know it your brain’s leaking out of your ears. Embassy staff, agents, marines… they’ve all been dropped by the Sonic Sword. There’s only one way to be safe.’ Hart tapped the buds nestled in his ears.

‘What’re they supposed to do?’ Asked Cooper.

‘Metallica on standby, dude,’ said Hart, throwing up the sign of the horns.  ‘Ain’t no sonic sword getting through my sonic armour.’



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