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Ripping Tales

October 14, 2015


Well then… that’s something and no mistake.

The picture above is taken from April Moon Books forthcoming Hammer Horror themed anthology Spawn of the Ripper. Every story in the collection is going to have a title page created by the talented editor and illustrator Neil Baker, all of which are designed to look like a retro film poster (hence the ‘directed by’ and ‘X’ rating).  Today I got to see what what Neil has come up with for my vampire-tastic tale ‘The Avenger Cometh’. This, I think, is the first time anyone has illustrated anything I’ve written, and I have to say it feels pretty cool to see someone’s interpretation of the characters. The April Moon Facebook page features a few other excellent illustrations for the other stories in the anthology, and I certainly recommend taking a look at them if your a Hammer fan.

As it happens, my writing hasn’t been going great recently. Due to an overabundance of the dreaded Real Life Stuff I basically have done nothing done whatsoever since April. I’ve still got a few sold stories to come out over the next few months and a few others that I’m waiting on responses for, but those are all stuff I wrote ages ago before The Block descended. ‘Avenger’ was actually the last short story I managed before the drought set in, so fingers crossed the boost of seeing this ace picture might be enough to get me going again. Time will tell.


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