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Back in Black… Kinda

October 2, 2013

Lawks, has it really been over two months since I updated my blog?  It seems my three posts per month thing has fallen by the wayside a bit, to say the least.  On the plus side however, the lack of blog activity isn’t purely due to my laziness (and playing too much Angry Birds in Space), I have been getting some worthwhile stuff done. Namely I’ve been writing a lot more fiction, and since the point of starting this blog in the first place was to get in the habit of writing so I could get back into writing fiction I can’t really complain if the posts about comics and geeky shit has to take a back seat for a while.

I’m also pleased to report that my fiction efforts are starting to bear fruit. Firstly, I’ll be taking part in Hotel Hell, a blog project on the 13 Stories Till Halloween site, which will feature 13 stories leading up to October 31st.  The blog itself can be found here, and the editors have put together a spiffing little trailer for it which you can see here. Why not check it out when it kicks off on the 18th?

That's a strong line up right there... I'm sure that Ben Stewart chap will be particularly good

That’s a strong line up right there… I’m sure that Ben Stewart chap will be particularly good

My second recent success is that the independent publisher Fox Spirit has accepted a story of mine entitled The Wisdom of King Weejun for one of their forthcoming anthologies. Getting my first acceptance from a publisher has been a massive motivation to getting more stuff written, so I’ve been focusing on getting more submissions prepared even more lately.

So, once my current flurry of writing mania has passed I’ll likely come back and do more blog stuff, but until then I’m afraid you’ll just have to find a different source for your regular fix of a vaguely coherent Cumbrian rambling about giant monster movies and wargaming.

I’m sure they’re plenty of other sites that fill that niche, right?


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