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Calling The Shots – Tiny Terrors Edition

July 25, 2013

Well bugger me, but I didn’t see that coming.  Anderson Silva knocked out at the hands of Chris Weidman?  That is one I wouldn’t have called in a hundred years.  Sure, I thought Chris might have had a chance by decision or submission but not on the feet.  Of course, Silva’s clowning around certainly helped Weidman, but I don’t want to take anything away from what was an excellent win over one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.  Can Anderson re-focus, come back stronger and win the rematch?  Quite possibly, but I’ll not be so confident about picking him next time.

But biggest story regarding Silva’s loss is that it cost me a clean sweep of predictions on the UFC 162 card.  Instead I had to settle for a still-pleasing 4 out of 5, which leaves me on 54/91  or 59.34% overall.  So very, very close to the magical 60% goal. I’m confident I’ll cross that threshold before the end of next month, so without further ado here’s my picks for this weekend’s matches and the first card in August.

UFC on Fox: Johnson Vs Moraga

I understand the UFC’s smallest division isn’t it’s most popular at present, with certain parties finding the Flyweights to not be to their taste.  Lack of finishes is one of the main reasons quoted, but surely an exciting KO or sub (while always good to see) isn’t the only thing that makes a fight entertaining? I enjoy watching two Heavyweights who each possess enough KO power to level a small villiage slug it out, but can’t a fast paced, technical contest of skill and agility be fun too?  That said, there is one complaint regarding the Flyweight division that I do agree with – it’s a bit too shallow at present, and this will show in the Demetrious Johnson /John Moraga main event I reckon, as Mighty Mouse takes a pretty straightforward win by decision.

Rory MacDonald beats Jake Ellenberger by decision

Robbie Lawler beats Bobby Voelker by (T)KO

Liz Carmouce beats Jessica Andrade by decision

UFC 163 – Aldo Vs Korean Zombie

The Jose Aldo /Chan Sung Jung main event should be a corker – Jung’s tough-as-nails grappling style has the potential to make for an excellent fight when up against Aldo’s savage striking.  Alas, while it might be exciting I fear that Jung will be a bit too limited to unthrone the Featherweight chamption – Aldo takes this one by decision.

Lyoto Machida beats Phil Davis by decision

Thiago Santos beats Cezar Ferreria by (T)KO

Thales Leites beats Tom Watson by submission

John Lineker beats Jose Maria Tome by decision

Enjoy the fights!


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