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Pulling My Finger Out

April 25, 2013

‘With self-discipline most anything is possible’ – Theodore Roosevelt 

That’s it.  No more Mr Nice Guy. It’s time to stop dicking around.

I’ve been working on two short stories for a little while that I was planning on submitting to a pair of anthologies (which would mark the fist time I’d submitted anything to anywhere) but things have been progressing slowly as of late.  Despite finishing the first drafts several weeks ago both have hardly progressed from that point.

I’ve never been that good at editing my stuff, but lately I’ve been worse than ever.  I’d like to blame other commitments or a lack of time and the like, but that would be somewhat untrue.  I’ve had the time but I’ve simply used it badly.  Instead of getting into the nitty gritty of improving my work (which is frankly a bit shoddy in it’s current state) I’ve been frittering my time on a combination of Facebook and Angry bloody Birds.  Even the time I have spent writing has been on new first drafts for other things rather than what I should be working on.  And now time is something I’m running out of – one of these stories is due in on the 5th of May, and the second needs to be done by the 15th.

So, from here on in until these stories are finished and submitted nothing else gets written. No blog posts*, no new short stories, no more chapters of Wyrm Cast – nothing.  It doesn’t matter how good I think the concepts I’ve got scribbled on my ideas pad are, they ain’t getting touched, not even potential gems like American Civil War Ironclads Fight Godzilla-like Monster In Chesapeake Bay. None of them are getting any more attention till the task at hand is done.

And it starts now.  Time to go to work.

*I say no more blog posts, but I’ve already written one for next week so I’ll still stick that on here. The key will be to just post it and not spend two hours tweaking it in order to avoid doing any proper work.


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  1. Procrastination is a bitch, isn’t it?

  2. Sure is. Not that my hanging around on WordPress to reply to comments counts as procrastination. Oh no.

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