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Sticking It Out There Redux – Extending the Wyrm

February 19, 2013

Having found myself short of time to do a proper blog post I’ve settled for putting chapter 3 of my work in progress novel/novella/midlife crisis/thing Wyrm Cast up this week.  You can find it under the Writing tab at the top or by clicking here. I’ve also monkeyed around a bit with chapter two, which is now a bit different from what it was originally.  Actually all three chapters are pretty different in my current draft as to how they look here as I spent some time mucking around with the structure of them, as I think they might be a bit too long at the moment and a bit muddled with multiple points of view in each one.  A lot of them have good old square brackets with stuff like [EXPAND THIS BIT]  all over them as well. After a bit of that type of fiddling I decided to leave it as it is for now and get on with the rest of the writing for now and come back to it once the whole thing is down in a first draft form.  After all it’s sensible to build the house first before deciding where the internal walls are going to go.  Possibly.  I have no idea about building houses so that metaphor might be complete bollocks, but I still quite like it. Metaphor? Or is it an analogy?  See, it’s worrying about pointless stuff like that which gets in the way of getting any actual work done…

At the moment I’m finding plot exposition to be the trickiest thing to get my head around.  Trying to get the background of my setting out there and explained without it getting it in the way of the plot is proving to be a right old bugbear.  Right now I feel the opening chapters (particularly 4 and 5 which aren’t up here are chock full of too much back story explanation. But on the advice of people who know a lot more about this kind of thing than I do I’m just going to get on with it and I (like the chapters business) sort that sort of thing out in later drafts, making changes were required.

Apart from that the writing itself is going OK – the draft currently stands at about 25,000 words as of the end of February.  Annoyingly this isn’t a lot of progress as  it stood at about 20,000 words at the end of December, but a fairly major change how I was wanting the plot to go meant scrapping some stuff altogether and writing it again so the net result is I’m not that much further on after a months hard work.  Still, no point in worrying about that sort of thing – it’ll take as long as it takes.

I think this will be the last part of this I stick of Wyrm Cast that I’ll stick on here.  After all, I don’t want to give everything away do I? Bearing that in mind I’d love to get feedback from anyone kind enough to take the time to read it.  As always I’ll happily take any comments, criticisms, advice or whatever else anyone wants to chuck my way – whether it’s pointing out spelling errors, questioning my pacing or saying I’m doing too much tell rather than show, it’s all useful and very much appreciated.


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