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Calling The Shots – London Calling Edition

February 7, 2013

After the last couple of weeks of quality MMA action my current score stands at 13 out of 23 winners picked correctly (about 55% – the percentage is creeping up!) with the correct method picked in 7 of those wins.  If I can continue to nudge my percentages up over the next few events I’ll be a happy chap, but I think the next couple of shows have some tricky bouts to call.

First up with have the UFC on Fuel card from London.  The main event for the interim Bantamweight title is going to be a corker, I reckon and I just can’t split the two fighters.  I tossed a coin to decide in the end, and picked Renan ‘Barao’ Pegado to beat Michael McDonald by decision.  As for the rest of the main card:

Cub Swanson beats Dustin Poirer by decision

Jimi Manuwa beats Cyrille Diabate by (T)KO

Gunnar Nelson beats Jorge Santiago by Submission.

On to UFC 157 now.  Who’d have thought we’d ever see women in the UFC?  Well that’s exactly what we get to see for the first time in the main event. Unfortunately I’m not convinced there’s a suitable depth of talent in WMMA to make the division interesting, and the new Woman’s Bantamweight champion is just too far ahead of the competion. Therefore I’m picking Ronda Rousey to beat Liz Carmouche by submission without too much difficulty. Now, on to the chaps:

Lyoto Machida beats Dan Henderson by decision

Uriah Faber beats Ivan Menjivar by submission

Chad Mendes beats Manny Gamburyan by decision

Josh Koscheck beats Robbie Lawler by (T)KO

Enjoy the fights!

EDIT 11/02/13 – Looks like Mendes/Gamburyan is off the card due to injury and has been replaced on the main card by a potentially explosive heavyweight match.  For that one I’m picking Lavar Johnson to beat Brendan Schaub by (T)KO.


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  1. UFC on Fuel 7 is done and dusted and 3 of my 4 picks were correct (though only one by the correct method). Sadly I didn’t realise it was a 6 fight main card or I would’ve added picks for Te Huna/Jimmo and Mills/Riddle, but that can’t be helped.

    Running total is 16 out of 27 predicted correct (59.25% or so) with the correct method picked in 8 of those 16. Things are steadily improving. Now bring on ladies night at UFC 157!

  2. UFC 157 is in the books and I had another mildly successful night in terms of my picks. After a good night of fights (including the action packed women’s championship match( I picked three out of five winners right and I’m pleased to say I got the method right in all three of those. Turns about I was wrong about which fight would replace Mendes/Gamburyan on the main card though. I’ll have to find a more reliable site to get my info from.

    That makes my total 19 out of 32 (59.37%) and I picked the correct method in 11 of the 19 (57.89%). Picks for UFC on Fuel TV 8 and UFC 158 in the next few days. Hopefully over the next couple of cards I can finally break the elusive 60% barrier.

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