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Sticking It Out There

December 13, 2012

I have, as the cliche goes, bitten the bullet and finally stuck some fiction on here. It’s not what I originally intended to be my first piece of this kind – originally I was working on a short story but it turns out that they’re bloody tricky. In fact I think the ins and outs of what makes a good short story good and why it’s so easy to underestimate how hard that is to acheive is worthy of a blog post all on it’s own. So while that particular work lies on my liteary operating table with it’s guts all over the place waiting for me to rebuild it (possibly faster, stronger and more readable, but I wouldn’t hold your breath) I’ve gone and knocked something else out instead. It’s the first two chapters (well, all of chapter one and about half of chapter two anyhoo) of what would probably be a novella or similar, based on the vague outline I’ve got in my head, which is a bit annoying as I hadn’t really wanted to get into writing anything too long. But surely having something posted up is better than nothing.

Or is it? To be honest I thought a fair bit about whether I should post this thing or not. After I re-read the first chapter I had a very, very low opinion of it and considered scrapping it and starting again.  I don’t think it reads particularly smoothly and also fear it may be a wee bit to derivative of some stuff I’ve read recently. But then I realised that if the only feedback I was going to get was from myself I wasn’t going to progress at all, so for better or for worse I’ve put it up here to hopefully get some constructive criticism and opinions about things I can do to get better at this writing lark. To that end if you are kind enough to take the time to read it(fair warning – it’s about 6,500 words all told) it I’d love to hear what you think. You can tell me via the comments here, on Facebook, in person, whatever – hell, you can tie a note to a brick and put it through my window if you really didn’t like it. It’s only had the one edit so far and my own version of it is covered in little square-bracketed notes that say things like [NEEDS EXPANDING], [MORE DESCRIPTION HERE] and [DOES THIS BIT ACTUALLY MAKE ANY SENSE YOU CUMBRIAN CHUMP] so I’ll take any advice going on how to improve, whatever the source. Oh, and a friend of mind told me that if I invoke the sacred phrase ‘Narrative Draft’ then that gets me off with any spelling mistakes, grammatical horrors or any other general cock-wittedness of that nature. So, yeah. Narrative draft. It is one. Apparently.

Okey dokey, that’s enough rambling for this bit. The work in question currently has the working title Wyrm Cast and can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Writing’ tab on the menu thingy on the top, which should give a little drop down offering chapters one and two on separate pages (any rumours that it took me two hours of swearing at WordPress before I worked out how to set that up are all utterly untrue. Honest). So, there its. Read it if you fancy, and don’t hold back in telling me what you think. I can handle it. Or rather I’ll handle it sometime next week as I’m now going to hide in the cupboard under the stairs for a few days until I’m feeling brave enough to check for any responses.



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