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Picking Holes

November 18, 2012

This is just a mini-postlet, as it were, to reflect on the first proper post on here that I put up on Friday.  My PCC election rantings seemed quite popular, and garnered some positive comments from friends and even a share on Facey-book.  It also got a ‘like’ from another wordpress blogger by the name of ‘TeenyBikini’ who has a blog called ‘All The Jiggly Bits’.  Which was nice.  In total the entry got a about thirty hits on Saturday.  Given I’m not a high-class hooker or a 10-year-old girl being served manky school dinners, I’m quite pleased with that.

All of that is very encouraging, however after reading the entry back I’m not that happy with it.  It’s a bit all over the place and doesn’t really make a coherent argument or go into the points in enough detail I think.  As it happens it was a very unplanned entry that I banged out on the Friday night after being annoyed by the story on BBC news – no planning, not a lot of thought before hand and I was in a hurry to get it done so I could watch The Walking Dead.  For this week’s entry I intend to try to take my time over things and hopefully knock out something a bit better constructed and better written.

I’ve said it several times already on here, but I fully believe that practice is the only way I can get better at this writing lark.  Well, there are a few other ways I could get better but I can’t afford to pay for a ghost writer.  And I sold my soul to the devil back in 1992 in order to get an early copy of the Meat Loaf album Bat Out of Hell 2 – Back into Hell.  I regret nothing.


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